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Vacancy: Supply of mobile catering facilities in rural areas


Residents living in rural areas can face difficulties accessing the opportunities that lead to employment, training and education.

Work Live Leicestershire (WiLL) was formed to overcome these barriers and help people in the county solve these problems, through a specialist and personalised support network. We are funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund and proudly sit within the Building Better Opportunities programme.

We operate alongside our partner organisations for the same goal - that the personal development of our participants should not be stunted, no matter what their aspirations are. This approach has served us well since we launched at the start of 2019, with Work Live Leicestershire continuing until 2023.

We have already guided hundreds of participants towards a brighter future within their local communities, with many of those the furthest away from the labour market.


In order to support our wide range of outreach work in rural communities, we wish to procure the services of a mobile catering provider to provide free coffee and tea at the point of our outreach delivery. Coffee must be made from ground coffee.

Routinely lasting for up to two hours, the outreach sessions allow us to engage with clients in an informal outdoors setting. Sessions will be planned 3-4 weeks in advance but would be subject to change. It is anticipated that no more than two sessions will be held in any single week. These will be on different days of the week and in varying locations.

It is most likely that sessions will be limited to 1 per day, but on occasions session may be combined if travel and set up times allow. Sessions may be arranged for either an a.m. or p.m. slot.

Locations for the outreach will be in rural communities across the whole of Leicestershire (excluding the city) and will be arranged by the WiLL project team. Locations are unlikely to have services such as electric or water provision and therefore the catering facility must be fully self-contained.


Respondents are invited to quote for all the following

  • To provide a self-contained catering unit with the ability to serve high quality coffee and teas.
  • To provide all appropriate supplies and equipment, such as stock, disposable cups etc.
  • To provide a minimum of 1 member of staff to maintain the unit and make all drinks, set up and pack up at the end of the session etc.
  • To provide a limited number of chairs and if possible, to be used in a covered seating area (subject to location).
  • To undertake a suitable risk assessment of all locations that are selected.
  • To operate these events during the period 1st May to 31st October.
  • To undertake a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 50 sessions during the above period.

In addition to the above, the selected provider will be responsible for

  • Collection, removal and disposal of all waste associated with the catering elements (cups, wastewater etc).
  • Having sufficient hygiene procedures and policies in order to safely deliver the project.
  • Hold public liability insurance of not less than £1,000,000.
  • All costs that are amassed in relation to stock, fuel, equipment etc.
  • Timely arrival on-site and making sufficient time available for facility set up and break down, before and after the session.
  • Liaising with WiLL team members on locations, dates and availability.

The selected provider shall not be entitled to make ancillary sales during the sessions (biscuits / soft drinks etc)

The selected provider will not be responsible for

  • Identification of the locations used.
  • Arrangements to use space within the communities for the sessions, including the siting of the catering unit.
  • Engaging with clients of the WiLL project.
  • Collection of any monies or donations that are given by clients.


Respondents are invited to provide a quotation for the above, based on a minimum delivery of 25 sessions and a maximum of 50, and to detail this as per session cost. In addition, any fixed costs should be detailed.

Submission of Quotations

Completed quotations must be submitted via email to before 5pm on Friday 1 April 2022.

Please send to